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Finding Yourself Again

When life gets crazy, it's only too easy to get swept away by the current of turgid emotional waters that can swirl around in your own head and lose your center.

So how do you find the shore and catch your breath once again?

So simple, really ... by first finding the breath. The following is a beautiful, simple, yet powerful seated meditation that is guaranteed to help you rediscover your own calm, your own power, your compass to help you navigate life more effectively so that you can remember to stop and smell the roses, knowing that this moment is all we have, and it is perhaps the greatest gift. Enclosed in this moment is awareness, heightened consciousness that makes your life so much sweeter. 

Start on your mat with legs crossed, in a comfortable, cross-legged seat. Close your eyes. Connect to your breath and see where it lives inside your body. Imagine that you are a tall, beautiful tree with your roots reaching down deep into the rich earth below, drawing nutrients up into your body. Your torso is the strong trunk of the tree, lifting tall and your head, the graceful branches, leaves and flowers, reaching up to heaven, to star or sun energy, collecting the infinite power of the cosmos and pulling it down into the center of your being. If thoughts start to enter in, simply notice them without getting involved, and return to your breath. Observe it, feel the quality of its depth, measure the temp of your inhale and exhale and sense its temperature as it flows in and out of your nose. Smile to your heart and feel immense gratitude that it beats endlessly to keep you alive. Inhale love and exhale thanks. Go deep, get quiet, feel rooted and centered. Continue in this way for 5-15 minutes. Then start to deepen your breath, returning to yourself and feeling each breath reach into every cell of your body, becoming conscious of your own ability, your own power to bring this peace and calm to your heart, your mind and your spirit. Bring your hands together in front of your heart and bow head to heart, uniting head and heart, mind and spirit and set an intention for your day, for your night, for your life ... and carry this new feeling of tranquility and groundedness into your world, and remember when the going gets tough: "Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors." It's the very adversity in life that teaches us wisdom through experience, in navigating the tumult in order to return to the safety of the harbor, which is quite simply, returning to our very selves. Find yourself again, and join us here: